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fair trade organic guatemala , roasted coffee beans Guatemala - 16 Oz

Guatemala Huehuetenango
Cupping Notes: Medium acidity and a heavy body are complemented by Chocolate, Caramel, Blackberry and Orange flavor notes.

Roast Level Full City

Our Price: $15.00

Mexico Chiapas - 16 Oz Mexico Chiapas - 16 Oz

ing Notes: Sweetness with Baking Spice and Almond
Roast: City/Light or Full City/Medium

Our Price: $15.00

East Timor - 16 oz East Timor - 16 oz

Cupping Notes: Brown Sugar, Dark Chocolate and Molasses flavor notes with Average Acidity, Heavy Body and Low Sweetness
Roast Level: Dark

Our Price: $15.00

Brazil - 16 oz Brazil - 16 oz

Cupping Notes: Roasted Hazelnut Butter, Granola and Warm Cocoa with a smooth mouthfeel and mild acidity.
Roast Level: Full City/Medium

Our Price: $15.00

Peru - 16 oz Peru - 16 oz

Cupping Notes: A sweet cup with medium acidity, medium body and notes of Pear, Cherry, Ginger and Cocoa.
Roast: Full City

Our Price: $16.00

Colombia - 16 oz Colombia - 16 oz

Cupping Notes: Above Average Sweetness combined with Dark Chocolate, Tangerine and Brown Sugar
Very aromatic, average body, high acidity.
Roast Level: Full City/Medium

Our Price: $16.25

Sumatra   - 16 Oz Sumatra - 16 Oz

Cupping Notes: Rich creamy body with notes of sweet tobacco, brown spice and earthiness - Classic Sumatran coffee characteristics.
Roast Level: Dark

Our Price: $17.50

Divine Dark Decaf - 16 oz Divine Dark Decaf - 16 oz

Cupping Notes: Chocolate, Baking Spice, Nutty and Sweet with Light Body and Mild Acidity
Roast: Dark

Decaffeinated using Mountain Water Process

Our Price: $17.50

Ethiopia Natural - 16 oz Ethiopia Natural - 16 oz

Cupping Notes:
Santa Rosa Plum, Watermelon, Strawberry, Dark Chocolate
with candy-like sweetness and medium light body.
Natural Process Yirgacheffe
Roast Level: Full City
(or specify in checkout comment box, Full City Plus/Dark if desired)

Our Price: $18.25

Kenya - 16 oz Kenya - 16 oz

Cupping Notes: Medium Creamy Body, Medium Acidity with flavor notes of Dark Chocolate, Black Tea and Brown Spice
Roast Level: City Light or Full City Plus/Dark

Our Price: $27.50